hi there, i’m pranav!

I am 28, Mumbaikar and a Chartered Accountant. I am the late to bed, early to rise kinda guy. I do my finances every month. I am the person who stops at a red light. My idea of heaven is good food, good book and a good view. I am married to my best friend of 18 years. I hope to be a TED speaker one day. I love the number 9. I play tennis, sporadically. Big Lord of the Rings fan (Books > Movies). Big Andy Roddick fan (He deserved Wimbledon 2009). Big House M.D. fan (Hugh Laurie rocks!). And yeah, Kindle > Books. (Yes, I realise that I have used 10 ‘I’s’ till now. No, I am not self-obsessed.)

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I remember converting prose to poetry in school. I began writing on the internet in February 2011. I still remember the excitement of having my own web address, my little place of solitude. Through Sciolism I give myself a platform to overcome some of my convexity and an opportunity to connect with the world.

Surfing through this website, you’ll find that I blog, write stories and also compose some poetry. I have started sharing my travel experiences and plan to start a page for sharing some of my photography skills. I am also extremely interested in the topic of investing. You’ll find that I consume and share a lot of investing related content here. Finally, you’ll also find some amazing video material that I consume in my day to day on my ‘Sharing‘ page.


I’d love to hear from you. Whether it is investing or fitness, travelling or food, I am always up for a conversation and upper for a debate! I am also keen on your feedback, good or bad, on anything I do on this website. You’ll be able to leave me a note here!

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i want to create
unmade, unthinkable
rival the impossible
set a new world order