The snags of a Corporate Setup ! ! !

Being recently introduced to the whole CORPORATE STRUCTURE, some would think it’s a little too early to comment on the snags of the whole constitution. But the mercy little that I have come to know, and if I may take the liberty to say, understand, about the establishment is that it is nothing more than a farce. A bunch of ‘well-suited well booted’ idiots try to run a show which quite frankly has got no watchers, except themselves.  
After getting over the awe of the whole grandeur of the decor and the setup of this particular establishment, what struck me was that the organization in its entirety was hollow. A lot of ideas exchanged and  promises made, but no one seemed to be bothered to give even an iota of damn after getting out of their favorite BOARD ROOM!! Frankly, the Board Room is a joke. The projector, an obvious component, is something that the bigwigs need so that they understand what exactly people are talking about. To put it on record, I have nothing against this particular technology. Its a wonderful aid, but people seem to forget just that. Its only a aid – not the subject. Also the favorite tagline, if I may say so, is “WE SHALL GET BACK TO YOU.” Mother of God. Really. Out of the 20 points discussed you are gonna get back to me on 17. The rest 3 you feel don’t serve the purpose of the job. That’s really wonderful!!! Arrogance rides high on their pitiful noses!
On the first impulse, one may even be tempted to believe that wait..people actually work their say-nots out here. A couple of stress- busters and a family photo mounted as if the same are distant relatives makes one feel that the employees don’t really go home. But after the repeated get back to you responses and the fun mail-games that one needs to play (gosh, they need a mail for everything – and I mean EVERYTHING), anyone shall beg to differ!! What you may see as a regular and a popular prop is the BlackBerry device which they flaunt when one asks for a meet. Like a television channel, you have to book slots for a meeting. And from what i gather, they need a ‘Meeting Invite’ to say a simple Good Morning!!
Its really poor that they have to live like this. Like metal backed soldiers. Its a pity really. Because, after everything, they are just running a daily gig of zilch. Probably all of them just need a catharsis!! May be that shall work.
Of course all this is limited to just the one entity with whom I had the misfortune to interact. And frankly, I would be more than happy if someone told me that I came across the ‘reserved minority’ in the the whole corporate matrix. Because a lot of respect for the big shots has just been sorrily flushed down the drain. Hoping that the cliche of ‘There is always the flip side’ stands. This time for good.
Till you send me the next meeting invite. I stand.
This is the Sciolist.
Signing Out!!!

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