Of Night and Day

Night and day
A smile’s far away
Sorrow holds a sway
Mind’s numbed array
Eyes moist today
Sun burns the sleigh
Faces mock my way
Sneers jab & slay
Pain asks my bay
No, not okay
Tears, oft they spray
With life we pay
Think it’s a play
Hope change of lay
Despair and dismay
It’s all a fey
The options weigh
Build bridges, byway
To Him and pray
Sound last hooray
Mayday Mayday
It’s done, we’re grey
Lost, though a toupee
Jump off the quay
Somebody else’s prey
Another night and day

3 thoughts on “Of Night and Day

  1. Wonderful Pranav, a real good one, it says a lot like a traveler’s supper, steaming and unprecedented taste.
    Want to greet you with my own one composed a week before, Name
    “A Shadow and a RUN”

    A run that face the sun
    Leaves a shadow at feet
    A run that seeks the sun
    Need thank the shadow and greet.

    B’coz the only thing a “run”
    Can’t leave, neither can quit
    The shadow, its own but none,
    Witness of the run’s spirit!!

    Meadows that drags behind
    Sky that scowl at head
    Wind that whim, dust blinds
    Shadow that push ahead!!

    Run needs know a mate
    Run needs gauge its run
    Run needs greet own shadow
    A true and best companion!!

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