Books on Investing and Capital Allocation

  1. The Little Book of Valuation: How to Value a Company, Pick a Stock and Profit by Aswath Damodaran (currently reading)
  2. The Little Book That Beats the Market by Joel Greenblatt
  3. The Dhandho Investor: The Low-Risk Value Method to High Returns by Mohnish Pabrai
  4. The Warren Buffett Way: Investment Strategies of the World’s Greatest Investor by Robert G. Hagstrom
  5. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip A. Fischer
  6. Conservative Investors Sleep Well by Philip A. Fischer
  7. Developing an Investment Philosophy by Philip A. Fischer
  8. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

3 thoughts on “Books on Investing and Capital Allocation

  1. I didn’t know Philip Fischer wrote so many books, I only know one (Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits). I might start looking for those books. Thanks! Btw, one of my fav investing book is the most important thing by Howard Marks.

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    1. Hi… Oh yes… The other books are quite short to be honest.. infact there is a book set as well – Common Stocks and other writings comprising of all these books…
      The Most Important Thing is surely on my ‘to read’ list. Hope to get there sooner than later… Actually, I am a big fan of his memos as well..

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