The Competence Library

The evidence is out there. In the world of investing, much like life, there is no alternative to continuous learning. Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, mentor to a legion of investors over the past 50 years and arguably the greatest investor ever has called it the ‘Circle of Competence’. According to him, it is very important for investors to clearly know and enlarge their circle of competence, but always stay within its perimeters.

Giving heed to Mr. Buffett’s advice, about 9 months back I started this journey to becoming a better investor. Here I share the resources that I am using in my daily life to continually go up the learning curve, improve my circle of competence and grow my investing skills. I call this place, in honour, ‘The Competence Library’.

Books & Novels

1. Books on Investing and Capital Allocation
2. Books on Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Websites & Articles

1. Words of Wisdom: Writings of Famous Investors
2. Other Informative Websites

Videos & Playlists

1. Investing – How to Think
2. Investing – What to Think


1. Valuation Techniques
2. Financial Markets

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