Apollo Robbins: The Art of Misdirection

Okay. So Apollo Robbins is the greatest pickpocket in the world. How you may ask? He shows that to us in this wonderful Ted Talk on the Art of Misdirection. Enjoy!

Source: Ted.com

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Tom Thum: The Best Beat Boxer There Is

Ok. Listen to this guy and tell me that you did not hyper ventilate! He gives me the hibbidijibies!!!! Tom Thum, ladies and gentlemen! A wonder of the world! ūüôā

Source: YouTube, Tom Thum


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Frank Abagnale: Catch Me If You Can: Talks at Google

Do you remember the movie ‘Catch Me If You Can?’ starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Steven Spielberg? Well, the movie was made on Frank Abagnale, who ran away from his home at 16, travelled around the world by forging cheques and being an impostor, got caught and spent 5 years in jail in France, Sweden and United States and has been an acclaimed security consultant and lecturer at the FBI for the past 41 years. Quite a CV that!

He recently spoke at Google for their Security and Privacy Month event, talking about his life, the movie and cyber-crime! Being a fan of the film, this talk made for quite an interesting watch, to have the first hand account of his life. But once he started taking questions, he made certain revelations about the future of cyber crime that were quite startling! Like for the fact that the government is working on technology that can control all electronic devices…. from pacemakers to cars; and how cyber crime may turn dark and try to control or disarm people living the ‘Internet of Things’ life. Go through his entire talk below and find out!

(If you want to skip the interview and directly head to the questions, he starts taking them at 28:05)

Source: YouTube, Talks at Google

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Lisa Nip: How humans could evolve to survive in space

I recently saw this amazing video on TED where the speaker, Lisa Nip, a Biochemist shared some thoughts how humans could evolve to survive into space.

Source: Ted.com

While her solution towards human evolution is not new, what really caught my attention, for some reason, was a sense of underlying urgency. Do go through the video, looking forward to carry on the conversation in the comments section!

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Elon Musk: The Future we’re building – and boring!

Very rarely in one’s life times does one come across true genius. This 40 minute interview with TED has managed to simultaneously do three¬†extreme things for me:

  1. Built up a crazy amount of hope in me about the direction that the world may take in near future;
  2. Filled me with high aspirations and kindled a wild ambition to do something larger than what I am currently doing with my life;
  3. Put me in an existential crisis.

Check it out for yourself, but be ready for an instant and fervid broadening of your mind.

Source: Ted.com

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