Sciolism: Terribly Tiny Tales #2

After the longest time, here’s my second attempt to Terribly Tiny Tales challenge! Both are products of personal experiences I had during 2017. Hope you enjoy it!

  1. He hadn’t dreamt that one in over 10 years. Recently married, he smilingly told his wife, “Y’know.. I dreamt my favourite dream after 10 years! But something was different this time around.” “What?” she asked. “This time, you were in it!”
  2. He lied down next to his younger brother as they’d done for 15 years. “Everything is going to change tomorrow.” “Yes”, his brother responded. 24 hours later: He lied down next to his wife.

Be back with more soon!

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I Want To……

Image Source: The Odyssey Online

I want to run
Faster, farther
Focused on the goal
Attain the un-achievable

I want to fly
Stronger, higher
Challenging the sky
Ruffle the world’s feathers

I want to dream
Bigger, wider
Boisterous to folly
Armed with passion

I want to create
Unmade, unthinkable
Rival the impossible
Set a new world order

I want to be
Freakier, crazier
Heart on my sleeve
Living by the sword

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Chester Bennington: An Inspiration

Two weeks back, after a gap of almost 3 years, I stumbled upon my old Linkin Park playlist. Almost instantaneously I was back to listening to some of my favourite songs. What I’ve Done. In the End. Papercut. Crawling. Castle of Glass. A Place for My Head. One Step Closer. Robot Boy. Numb. From the Inside. Faint. Somewhere I Belong. My playlist was on loop. Three days on I was still ‘across this new divide‘-ing under my breath on my way to work.  So much so that I even tweeted about it!

I was excited like hell. The timing of I stumbling across my playlist could not have been better. I had recently decided on some new life goals and LP was just the boost I needed. I was screaming out verses in my head. There was this sudden surge of energy. I realised that I was back to the ‘Linkin Park’ phase of my life. The phase where I felt I could make things happen. The phase where the songs were going to carry me through to the next big thing!

I think all LP fans will relate with me when I say that somehow, their songs had a way to inspire you to do great things. Whether you were sad or low or even happy, they always had a way to help us rise above the ordinary, move beyond the usual. It was the lyrics, the music, the rap, the metal, the composition. But most of all, it was the voice of Chester Bennington synergizing all of the above. Chester channelled so many emotions through his singing, it was impossible not to have goosebumps by the end of the song. He had this raw energy about him, this piercing honesty in his voice. Like millions of LP fans, it was his voice that made me first connect to LP. Not the lyrics. Not the metal. Chester Bennington’s voice.

Chester, doing what he did best!




So naturally I am shell-shocked to know about his suicide! It was disastrous to know that hung himself and may have been depressed. He in fact also did a video about it not too long ago which I have linked below.

The world is a poorer place bereft of him. There will be lot of tributes flowing around and social networks will be flooded with consolatory messages over the next few days. But his true loss will be felt by people like us, who used to take inspiration from his songs and his voice. For us, he will always remain the person who helped us to never give up. I am reminded of a few verses from his song ‘Easier to Run’ that sound strikingly similar to what happened. I’d like to leave you’ll with the same.

It’s easier to run
Replacing this pain with something numb
It’s so much easier to go
Than face all this pain here all alone

May his soul rest in peace.

This is the Sciolist.

Signing out!!!

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This blog was an attempt at posting at prompts via Daily Prompt: Disastrous

The Toil of Life


Forever has industry, been the soul’s bread
Mountains were moved, for heart’s desires spread
Journeying into unknown, we oft marched ahead
Nations arose, as hunger of enterprise was fed

Lofty minds conquer heights, when ambitions wed
Honest hand breaking soil, not a doubt’s shred
To err is existential, but if abeyant, you’re dead
Mistakes are incumbent, but that’s how the cocoon is shed

Take strife in your stride, prepare to be bled
To rhyme may be harmony, but dissonance is life’s thread
Scratch your knees, break your teeth, overcome that dread
Conquer that dusty road, it’s ever the one less tread

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Corporate Life

Pretentious world
Pushing you up
Atop the sky

Meaningless pursuits
Fragile egos
Plastic highs
Muddied courtesy
Futile hostility
Solitary triumphs
Friendless teams
Worthless glory

Pretentious world
Pushing you down
Over the fatal edge

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Sciolism: Terribly Tiny Tales #1

I’ve always loved the magic 140 characters can create! So I thought it’s about time I take up the Terribly Tiny Tales challenge! Here’s my first shot at it. Hope you enjoy! 

  1. He waited and waited and waited. After 16 years, she realized. Invitations, shortly.
  2. Everyday, the knock came exactly at 7:45 pm. Everyday, she waited, entire day, excitedly. That day, it didn’t.
  3. It rained heavily that day. He missed his interview. Dejected, he fell back on it. Sentenced for ten.
  4. He never thought of her that way. She always did. He dated. She waited. He noticed. She smiled. They, forever.
  5. They ran after his car as it stopped at the red. “Sir, we haven’t eaten anything for 3 days, could you give us some money?” The door opened. Day 1 of school. They took over his business when he died.

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    This is the Sciolist!

    Signing out!!!

    Writer’s Block or Not a Writer?


    Why is it getting so difficult to write these days? What’s with this unending block? Where has all the inspiration vanished? Have I become old and numb? Really, at 26? Has corporate life made me duller? Why am I able to dish out work reports but not complete a single poem? Do I have too many distractions? When did watching YouTube become more fulfilling than writing on something I really feel about? Do I even feel much about anything these days? Has Whatsapp screwed up my concentration? Am I wasting time on things unimportant? Why isn’t anybody challenging my viewpoints these days? Where are my opinions? Have I gone into an endless stupor? Am I going through creative slowdown? Why do I have more Drafts than Published? Is it a writer’s block or am I not a writer? Am I even asking the right questions?

    Am I still The Sciolist, signing out???

    Okay wait, how the hell do I get out of this?