Compounding is the 8th Wonder of the World: Mohnish Pabrai

The concept of compounding, the basis of all value investing, as explained by Mohnish.

Warning: This is a good 2 hour long video. Enjoy!

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Low risk, High uncertainty Value Investing: Mohnish Pabrai

The second Mohnish Pabrai video I went through where he talks about his investment philosophy, his approach to value investing and what an individual investor should do to beat the market. Here he is in an interview with Steve Forbes on the Investors Archive. Enjoy!

Source: YouTube

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Dhandho. Heads I win; Tails I don’t lose much: Mohnish Pabrai

Mohnish Pabrai. What can I say about him that hasn’t been said, written, commented already? Long story short, he is my inspiration. I first listened to him about a year and a half back and I am sharing the video that got me started. Dhandho. Heads I win, tails I don’t lose much. For me, Mohnish is the perfect value investor. His story is equal amounts hard work and equal amounts brilliance. He calls himself a ‘gentleman of leisure’, and that is motivation enough 😛

He is the Managing Director of Pabrai Investment Funds, a hedge fund that he founded in 1999 by selling his booming IT consulting business. The best part about this hedge fund is that Mohnish is the only analyst at the fund! What a dream! He is also the author of an amazing investment book called ‘The Dhandho Investor.’ Apart from being a value investor, Mohnish is also a philanthropist, something that I aspire to be! He is the founder of the Dakshana Foundation, a non-profit that helps bright and impoverished students predominantly from rural India to prepare for IIT and medical entrance exams. I am sure this video will get you on a roll! Enjoy!

Source: YouTube

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The Journey Into Twilight

Dia noite 1

Ah! How I remember those days now
Like a lore or a poem or a distant dream
Those younger days of mirth and joy
Upon which I had once tread

How fair and majestic shone the sun then
How its rays kissed the morning mist
How green and exuberant the grass danced
Like a toddler with his favourite toy

The morn turned to an early noon
Bringing youth and energy with its powerful gleam
My days were spent with books and gale
The best part of my life, I now feel

But the early noon not lasting long
Quickly turned aged and pale
The abrupt death of morning and youth
My two strong pillars suddenly fell

Thus alone I was left with my lone companion
To face the harsh and barren sun
Oh how swiftly had he changed
From glistening light to a burning train

I battled long and hard lonesome
To give my two parts their misty morning
And after the strain and all the pain
I wished for rest and tarry for my wounds

Oh how rightly were my wishes met
For there came the evening and shadows galore
Not dark and terrible as those of the noon
But cool and glorious with stars and an early moon

My body is now tired, I feel so spent
Like too little butter on too much bread
My heart feels stretched, my mind feels drained
The weary long journey is now coming to an end

And now as I ponder, being in the twilight of my day
My heart runs in and out of those memories
Some fair and white, some dark and sorrowful
I see, I have come to a far, distant land

Oh! How I started from a misty morning
And how has the darkness crept
The day has been long, longer than many
For this one day has seen numerous nights already

But still I live on, waiting with anxious heart
For not long ahead my night now lays
As I reach here upon the high night
All alone, not even my lone companion to stay

But don’t cry my friend, for it has been a lovely day
A perfect one, as many would say
It is not of the departure, that should sadden your heart
But of the loss and fall of a wonderful day

I now bid adieu to all my friends
So distant and yet so near they feel
My day is over and night has come
I do now into darkness, fade away

Let your heart be happy, oh dearest of all
And always remember an unforgettable journey
For the journey to twilight was not a waste
A journey of pride and of a mortal day!

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Sciolism: Terribly Tiny Tales #3

  1. It was 6:30 PM. Grudgingly, she got up. “He had promised to be here by the 5:30 train” she thought. It was the 20th anniversary of that promise.
  2. He knew he had to get it right this time. All his previous attempts were foiled, some due to lack of preparation, others due to celestial interjection. This time however, he was confident of success. He could hear the train approaching. Closer. Closer. Screaming, he jumped “Death, is only the beginning.”

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Why Do We Travel?

Why do we travel? #Poetry #NewPost #Sciolism

Wanderlust feet, with a map in my hand and dreams in my eyes!

Do we travel to arrive?
If yes, where do we reach?

Or do we travel for the journey?
If yes, what does it teach?

Do we travel for the experience?
If yes, what fills the page?

Or do we travel to grow?
If yes, how much do we age?

Do we travel for joy?
If yes, how long does it last?

Do we travel for redemption?
If yes, do we move on from past?

I guess we travel to live
Through lives of others around
I guess we travel to meet ourselves
By traversing this universe’s ground.

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Sciolism: Terribly Tiny Tales #2

After the longest time, here’s my second attempt to Terribly Tiny Tales challenge! Both are products of personal experiences I had during 2017. Hope you enjoy it!

  1. He hadn’t dreamt that one in over 10 years. Recently married, he smilingly told his wife, “Y’know.. I dreamt my favourite dream after 10 years! But something was different this time around.” “What?” she asked. “This time, you were in it!”
  2. He lied down next to his younger brother as they’d done for 15 years. “Everything is going to change tomorrow.” “Yes”, his brother responded. 24 hours later: He lied down next to his wife.

Be back with more soon!

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