Funny Nothings

A short verse
Without a curse
Before you sleep
Smile and nurse

Rocky road
I saw a toad
Another poem?
Well, I was bored

Is toad a frog?
Who hedges a hog?
I guess it’s time
For my eggnog

Bumble tumble
It’s all a jumble
My eyes are heavy
I’m almost a mumble

I’m outta jokes
Eggs outta yokes
I’m asleep already
That’s all folks!

Of Night and Day

Night and day
A smile’s far away
Sorrow holds a sway
Mind’s numbed array
Eyes moist today
Sun burns the sleigh
Faces mock my way
Sneers jab & slay
Pain asks my bay
No, not okay
Tears, oft they spray
With life we pay
Think it’s a play
Hope change of lay
Despair and dismay
It’s all a fey
The options weigh
Build bridges, byway
To Him and pray
Sound last hooray
Mayday Mayday
It’s done, we’re grey
Lost, though a toupee
Jump off the quay
Somebody else’s prey
Another night and day