Why Do We Travel?

Why do we travel? #Poetry #NewPost #Sciolism

Wanderlust feet, with a map in my hand and dreams in my eyes!

Do we travel to arrive?
If yes, where do we reach?

Or do we travel for the journey?
If yes, what does it teach?

Do we travel for the experience?
If yes, what fills the page?

Or do we travel to grow?
If yes, how much do we age?

Do we travel for joy?
If yes, how long does it last?

Do we travel for redemption?
If yes, do we move on from past?

I guess we travel to live
Through lives of others around
I guess we travel to meet ourselves
By traversing this universe’s ground.

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I Want To……

Image Source: The Odyssey Online

I want to run
Faster, farther
Focused on the goal
Attain the un-achievable

I want to fly
Stronger, higher
Challenging the sky
Ruffle the world’s feathers

I want to dream
Bigger, wider
Boisterous to folly
Armed with passion

I want to create
Unmade, unthinkable
Rival the impossible
Set a new world order

I want to be
Freakier, crazier
Heart on my sleeve
Living by the sword

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The Toil of Life


Forever has industry, been the soul’s bread
Mountains were moved, for heart’s desires spread
Journeying into unknown, we oft marched ahead
Nations arose, as hunger of enterprise was fed

Lofty minds conquer heights, when ambitions wed
Honest hand breaking soil, not a doubt’s shred
To err is existential, but if abeyant, you’re dead
Mistakes are incumbent, but that’s how the cocoon is shed

Take strife in your stride, prepare to be bled
To rhyme may be harmony, but dissonance is life’s thread
Scratch your knees, break your teeth, overcome that dread
Conquer that dusty road, it’s ever the one less tread

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Corporate Life

Pretentious world
Pushing you up
Atop the sky

Meaningless pursuits
Fragile egos
Plastic highs
Muddied courtesy
Futile hostility
Solitary triumphs
Friendless teams
Worthless glory

Pretentious world
Pushing you down
Over the fatal edge

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Of Night and Day

Night and day
A smile’s far away
Sorrow holds a sway
Mind’s numbed array
Eyes moist today
Sun burns the sleigh
Faces mock my way
Sneers jab & slay
Pain asks my bay
No, not okay
Tears, oft they spray
With life we pay
Think it’s a play
Hope change of lay
Despair and dismay
It’s all a fey
The options weigh
Build bridges, byway
To Him and pray
Sound last hooray
Mayday Mayday
It’s done, we’re grey
Lost, though a toupee
Jump off the quay
Somebody else’s prey
Another night and day

I Wanna Dream

Dream, dream, I wanna dream so high
Farther than these tears that make me cry
Life goes on when I’m awake
These dreams are how I escape

I’ve grown up to a life filled with lies
Learnt to live a compromise
Full promises that aren’t even half kept
Bealo and agony have ever so crept

So let me fly away beyond the night
World, a different world when I close my eyes
Unveil the joys of unsullied skies
Let me fly to my paradise