Reblog: Opinionate: What I learnt from my first 709 days at work

One of my mentors always used to tell me that as a professional it is always important to be able to distance yourself from an on-going situation and be able to take a step back and observe the big picture. He emphasized the ability to play the role of an objective third party, to be mindful of one’s own actions and be aware of the consequences. Too many people go through their careers without ever realizing what is happening to them. I was glad therefore to read what my brother had to say in his blog on ‘What I learnt from my first 709 days at work’.

I am heartened to note that very early in his career he has been able to demystify the corporate world and develop strong professional ethics that will hold him in good stead over the long haul. His blog covers 8 important lessons that he has learnt over his near 2 years at Deloitte and you will do well to go through them. It was an excellent refresher for me, having spent almost 10 years behind the desk, to learn from somebody who is new and fresh in his professional career. I am sure people falling within all experience buckets will find it useful too.

So go ahead and enjoy reading (and may be learning from) my brother’s experiences! If you have the time, go through his page; you’ll find that, like me, he is well adept at both prose and poetry, but unlike me, he is far better at articulating his thoughts and much much funnier!

Ever learning!

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