Sciolism: Terribly Tiny Tales #3

  1. It was 6:30 PM. Grudgingly, she got up. “He had promised to be here by the 5:30 train” she thought. It was the 20th anniversary of that promise.
  2. He knew he had to get it right this time. All his previous attempts were foiled, some due to lack of preparation, others due to celestial interjection. This time however, he was confident of success. He could hear the train approaching. Closer. Closer. Screaming, he jumped “Death, is only the beginning.”

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Sciolism: Terribly Tiny Tales #2

After the longest time, here’s my second attempt to Terribly Tiny Tales challenge! Both are products of personal experiences I had during 2017. Hope you enjoy it!

  1. He hadn’t dreamt that one in over 10 years. Recently married, he smilingly told his wife, “Y’know.. I dreamt my favourite dream after 10 years! But something was different this time around.” “What?” she asked. “This time, you were in it!”
  2. He lied down next to his younger brother as they’d done for 15 years. “Everything is going to change tomorrow.” “Yes”, his brother responded. 24 hours later: He lied down next to his wife.

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Sciolism: Terribly Tiny Tales #1

I’ve always loved the magic 140 characters can create! So I thought it’s about time I take up the Terribly Tiny Tales challenge! Here’s my first shot at it. Hope you enjoy! 

  1. He waited and waited and waited. After 16 years, she realized. Invitations, shortly.
  2. Everyday, the knock came exactly at 7:45 pm. Everyday, she waited, entire day, excitedly. That day, it didn’t.
  3. It rained heavily that day. He missed his interview. Dejected, he fell back on it. Sentenced for ten.
  4. He never thought of her that way. She always did. He dated. She waited. He noticed. She smiled. They, forever.
  5. They ran after his car as it stopped at the red. “Sir, we haven’t eaten anything for 3 days, could you give us some money?” The door opened. Day 1 of school. They took over his business when he died.

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