Writer’s Block or Not a Writer?


Why is it getting so difficult to write these days? What’s with this unending block? Where has all the inspiration vanished? Have I become old and numb? Really, at 26? Has corporate life made me duller? Why am I able to dish out work reports but not complete a single poem? Do I have too many distractions? When did watching YouTube become more fulfilling than writing on something I really feel about? Do I even feel much about anything these days? Has Whatsapp screwed up my concentration? Am I wasting time on things unimportant? Why isn’t anybody challenging my viewpoints these days? Where are my opinions? Have I gone into an endless stupor? Am I going through creative slowdown? Why do I have more Drafts than Published? Is it a writer’s block or am I not a writer? Am I even asking the right questions?

Am I still The Sciolist, signing out???

Okay wait, how the hell do I get out of this?